Erik Igel, President, Peter Igel Group

Erik Igel, President, Peter Igel Group

International Agrifood Agents Since 1971

Peter Igel Group Inc. provides effective import and export representation to major agrifood producers in prime producing countries.

From our strategic location in Toronto, we supply North American food retailers and the food-service trade with imported processed fruit and vegetables under their own brand names or our Farm Pride, Sunpride and Cape Pride labels.

Our export division works closely with producers in North America to market American and Canadian processed foods in Europe and the Far East.

“For 40 years, we have continued to provide service excellence, delivering effective solutions for the unique needs of our producers and customers.” – Erik Igel, President, Peter Igel Group

Fruitlink, our industrial division, specialises in supplying the North American food-processing industry with offshore fruit juice concentrates, purees, bulk wines and other food ingredients.

Our mission is to build long-term partnerships through the continuous supply of reliable products. Understanding the business priorities of our customers and producers, dedication to customer service and attention to detail underlie our success. Our hands-on team brings a unique combination of experience and youthful energy to the task.